Smart ways to save money without cutting off your budget

No person in this world hasn’t said at least once, „I need to save some money!”. You want to save - we want to help you! Personal finance experts from Colton Federal Credit Union have prepared some easy tips and tricks that will help you save hundreds of dollars monthly. Bonus point - you won’t even have to cut your budget!

First of all, let’s start with subscriptions! How many of them are lying around, waiting for you to use them? A lot! Check your Netflix, HBO, Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, and other subscriptions, that you haven’t used in months and think about canceling that monthly bill. You’ll come back to it with no problems when you find a good series to watch. Take a look at music streaming services as well. Do you need both Spotify and Apple Music accounts? We don’t think so. Lastly, check out your cable television and home phone bills. Most people gave up on watching tv a long time ago. If you are one of them, save some money by canceling the plan.

After you’re done with the spring cleanse of your subscriptions, it’s time to schedule your budget. Depending on how much money you make and spend monthly, plan an expense schedule. Prioritize rent and groceries, go on with planned trips and holiday expenses, and lastly, spare some extra for your wardrobe and subscriptions. This method will help you know exactly how much you will be spending. Therefore, you’ll be more selective with what you buy and lean towards saving before spending.

Last but not least, bring your going on spending to your home! Make your coffee and breakfast. It’s fun, you learn new skills, and save money. Plus, you get to choose the exact ingredients you like. This way, you can track your budget and your daily intake of micros. Speaking of health, try home workouts instead of costly aerobics lessons. If you enjoy sports that don’t require special equipment, fitness apps and youtube channels are the right choices for you!

Remember that you are in charge of your budget! Nonetheless, Colton Federal Credit Union is always here to help you!