Payday advances in 1 hour

We are sure that, at least once, you said: „I need money today!”. It is very common to need cash urgently for various reasons: medical expenses, car repairs, travel, etc. For this reason, one of the first questions clients ask us is, „When can I get my money?”. Because we are a credit union, there are several steps we cannot skip, and it can take longer than the client wants. However, we found a solution! We have partnered with services that offer cash advances in as little as 60 minutes for our clients in a rush!

This partnership helps us focus on the longer-term deals, while the customers who need money the same day can get great offers from our colleagues. The main differences between our services and theirs are that we take longer to check your data, including credit. They skip this step and can approve payday advances in 1 hour.

At the same time, our products have a longer repayment period. It is suitable for those taking large sums. Our partners mostly offer small amounts, short-term loans. From this comes another difference, which is the interest rate. We are proud of our low rates, which are due to the long repayment terms. The services we work with may charge a bit more, but you pay the loan faster. Overall, both end-sums are suitable for an average American citizen.

Because we truly want to help our clients get all the products they need, we only work with certified and trustworthy services. Before we propose them to work with you, they prove their professionalism for a long time. We help you stay safe and borrow smartly!